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Is your computer running slow or acting up?

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 We are open Monday—Fridays 8 am to 5 pm, Saturdays 10 am to 2 pm.  (Closed on Sundays)


Come see us and let our friendly service and professionalism prove to you that we are the only source in the tri-lakes for  COMPLETE computer support.

We offer:

· Laptop and Desktop services for both PC’s and Macs

· Remote Tech Support so you can relax at home while we fix your computer

· Individuals as well as group software training sessions



If your computer is running slow it could be viruses that are affecting the performance. 

Viruses, malware, trojans, and worms can take over your system while redirecting your internet browsing to undesired sites. Left unattended, they can cause your computer to stop running properly. 

Some viruses even taunt you into thinking the program is an anti-virus while asking you for your credit card information in order to remove the virus. The motivation for those types of viruses can be identity theft. 

We can remove the viruses and install a product that will protect you from these invasive pieces of software!

We can also install more memory and/or RAM into your machine to increase the speed and productivity of your computer.

We offer remote tech support, meaning that with your permission, we can remote into your computer while you're sitting in the comforts of your own home, allowing us to diagnose problems resolves issues that you may be having. The only requirement is that you must be connected to the internet. 

A Little Bit About What We Do:

We can repair desktop and laptop computer hardware devices. This includes but is not limited to power supplies, motherboards, hard drives, memory, CD/DVD burners. Additional laptop repair includes screen replacement, keyboard replacement, hinge repair, power supply and battery testing. 

We have an extensive inventory of parts as well as collaboration with many vendors and dealers to fit your needs. Most hardware repairs are completed within 5 business days or less depending on availability and the amount of work that needs to be done.

We can perform system maintenance that includes disk clean-up, removing conflicting and expired programs, etc... 

We will bring your machine back to its optimal performance and as good as new condition! 

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